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To end the suffering, overpopulation in low-income and underserved communities with a focus on spay and neutering.

Pools for Pups!

This summer, Poverty's Pets  is  teaming up with One Love Pitbull Foundation to help the dogs in our community beat the heat! We will provide a FREE play pool. The Arizona heat can be deadly. This program was created to assist local pet owners with dogs who currently live outside. Upon application approval, we can provide free play pools and assistance with fencing options for tethered dogs. Our goal is to keep dogs cool, provide an alternative to tethering, and save lives. Click the link below and take a moment to fill out an application.

Veterinary Fund

Many of the dogs we take in require a little extra love and support. Below are just some of the recent dogs in our care that require veterinary intervention to get them healthy and ready for adoption. Surgeries, medications and exams for so many dogs can be costly. We would truly appreciate if you would consider a monthly donation of even just $10 to help us continue our work.



Georgia is currently in a special foster home for her needs, after pulling her from county. In August 2020, our vet determined she suffered a spinal cord injury and herniated disk, most likely from a car accident. While she can currently use her back legs, overtime that ability may diminish. She does need to use diapers and have her bladder expressed, which leads to chronic UTIs that need to be treated.



Shine has been in our care for quite some time, she has had two mammary gland tumor removal surgery while in our care.  She has recovered well and is back to her sweet self!



Our volunteers recently found Lulu when we was just about to give birth to her third litter. She was surrendered to us so she could get the proper care for herself and her puppies. She gave birth to five sweet puppies and they are all currently thriving. Once they are weaned and Lulu has recovered, we get her spayed so she won't have to do this ever again!



Maxx has undergone two major mass-cell tumor removals while in our care. He also has chronic dry eye which require multiple eye drops a day.



Elsa's treatment is part of our community outreach program. While she isn't under our care directly, we are closely working with her family.  Elsa had a severe injury that required a leg amputation. Poverty's Pets sponsored her surgery and post-op care.



Guerro's treatment is also a part of our community outreach program. While still in the care of his owners, we are sponsoring the treatment for his skin condition and his neuter.

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